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Sunburst Brochures

$12.00 Tubs with Six of the Most popular Flavors

2 lb. tubs, 6 flavors, 0 trans Fat, No Preservatives. Only $12.00 each! 

Click on the $12.00 cookie Tub pdf to view brochure

Gallon Size & Half-Gallon size Bags, Plus! Snacks!

We know customers want both! This brochure offers, Gallon & Half-Gallon sizes, Plus! Chocolates...Mmmmmm.

Click on the It's Poppin Time pdf file below to view brochure

Cookies, Scoops & Bake Favorites

14 Tub Flavors, including Mint Chocolate Chip & Gluten FREE Chocolate

Click on the Cookies Favorites pdf file below to view brochure more

Salty & Sweet Popcorn & Treats

Gallon Size Popcorn, Chocolates, Cheese Spreads & Nuts, Plus More!

Click on the Salty & Sweet pdf file below to view brochure

Chocolate Lovers & More

We have the perfect fund raising brochure for all "Chocolate Lovers". Dark Chocolate,

Peanut Butter Bears, Peacn Backs, Plus! Cheese Spread & Nuts.

Click on the Chocolate Lovers pdf file below to view brochure

Tubs & Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough

Tubs & Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough. Plus! Cookie Dough Bites, Gluten FREE Chocolate Chip & Popcorn & More.

Click on the Cookie Cravings pdf file below to view brochure

More Sunburst Brochures

Crystals from Swarovski

From the Luxury Spa collection to Anti-Aging to Warm Earth Tones, our Grace with Style brochure also offers Crystals from Swarovski - Know for Clarity - Color - Sparkle - Quality & Cuts. 

Click on the Crystals from Swarovski pdf file below to view brochure

In School Holiday Shop

We Make it Easy! 

 Where Children discover the joy of giving. 85% of gift items are prices at $5.00 or less. 

"Click Here" to open the Holiday Shop brochure

Gallon Size Popcorn Bags

15 Flavors of Gallon Size Bags. 

Click on the Poppin Popcorn pdf file below to view brochure

Edible Cookie Dough

This treat is ready to eat! 2 lbs. 0 trans fat, 0  Preservatives. Just scoop and Eat.

Click on the Chocolate Lovers pdf file below to view brochure

Six of the Half Gallon Sizes - Only $11.00

Single Page brochure with only 6 popcorn Half Gallon sizes. 

Click on single Page pdf file below to view brochure

"Click On" a "PDF" below to View Brochures

$12 Tubs (pdf)


It's Poppin Time (pdf)


Cookies Favorites (pdf)


Salty & Sweet (pdf)


Chocolate Lovers (pdf)


Cookie Cravings (pdf)


Crystals from Swarovski (pdf)


Gallon Size Popcorn Bags (pdf)


Edible Cookie Dough (pdf)


Single Page of Half-Gallon Size Popcorn (jpg)


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