Frequently Asked Questions


What is FREE?

Sunburst provides FREE, Brochures, Free Delivery (minimum order applies)  Free Student Pack, Free Posters, Free Prize Program, Free Product added onto your order. 

What is the Minimum Order to receice Free Shipping

120 items to receive Free shipping / delivey. It takes about 9 - 14 participants to sell 120 items.

All orders fewer than 120 items are invoiced for Shipping charges.

When will my order arrive?

All orders are delvered within 2  weeks or less. (We have had some  groups receive their orders in as few as  three days)  Once Sunburst receives your total order, we will notify you within 2-3 days with an actual delivery date. 

How is Popcorn Ordered & Delivered?

All popcorn can be ordered by the piece / Bag. No need to order by the case. (We have had some groups receive their orders in as few as three days) 

We offer Student Pack. Minumum order applies to student pack.

Delivery is approx. 2 weeks once we receice your total order.

How is Cookie Dough Ordered & Delivered?

Ask us how we can 'Tally' & 'Student Pack" each individual order for you for FREE. 

We do all the work for you.. It's that easy! 

And it's  part of our Fabulous FREE service we provide. (Minimum order applies)